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Exceptional Value for Decades of Durability.
Residential & Commercial Concrete Coatings

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TLC is proud to partner with Penntek Industrial Coatings to provide the floor coating industries best warranty, continued training, and nationwide backed product support.   

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Garage Floors

Penntek Coatings from TLC are the best in the industry, and we're going to prove it. 

Check out the videos below to learn more about why our floors outperform every other floor coating system and product on the market!


Garage Floor Coatings

A Customized Garage Floor, Just For You! 

Your garage is one of the most important areas of your home, but having an outdated, cracked, or inferior floor can greatly reduce its value and functionality. Upgrade the look of your garage floor in no time while adding exceptional durability with the one-day garage coating systems from TLC Coatings!  Designed to withstand constant use, frequent impacts, and dramatic temperature fluctuations, our one-day garage coating solutions can provide you with benefits that will last for a lifetime, at a price you can afford.

Residential Floor Coatings

Durable Floors to Enhance Every Area of Your Home

Your home is your greatest investment, and choosing the right flooring materials is an essential part of safeguarding its value. Since 2010, our products have been an industry leader in residential floor coatings, and we offer a variety of customizable flooring products that will hold up to even the toughest wear and tear for years to come. For the ultimate in both durability and décor-enhancing style, our floor coating products will significantly improve the look and functionality of any area of your home. 


Commercial Floor Coatings

Protect Your Investment With Commercial Floors

As a responsible business owner, creating a safe and functional environment to protect your customers and employees starts from the ground up, with your flooring! For the ultimate in safety, style and durability, there’s no better choice than Penntek commercial floor coating systems. Designed to enhance the look and feel of any size space, our flooring solutions are ideal for a variety of businesses.

TLC Concrete Coatings

TLC Concrete Coatings

Variety Of Color Choices


About Our Company


Garry & Carrie Clauer began TLC Concrete Coatings with one mission in mind - to offer affordable concrete coating to home and business owners.  They partnered with Penntek to get the nations best training, products, and an industry leading warranty.​ 

TLC Coatings is located in Potosi Wisconsin and services the surrounding area for garage, residential and commercial floor coatings. 


Color Choices


Day Garage Floors


Layers Of Protection

About Us

The Best Floor Coating Warranty

At TLC Concrete Coatings, we provide superior products that add functionality and safety to every space. We are so confident in our products that we offer exclusive warranties to protect your investment for years to come.

Our direct partnership with Penntek Industrial Coatings ensures you're guaranteed:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Up To 15-year Product Warranty